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The Great-American War pg 1
Happy New Year, Swingers!  it's January and that means DEVIANT UNIVERSE PRESENTS for three months!!!!!  YAY!!!!

so this month I wanted to bring everyone up to speed on what's been going on in the bog-verse!  this is page one of two or three for this month.  depends on how much I can squeeze into page two!  but it is looking like THREE BIG PAGES this month, tigers! 

This one opens on the Hub, the hq for Thunderforce Alpha!  (not to be confused with my super team The Alphas!  get your pencil and paper handy to keep score!)  The Mighty American reveals that he went on a secret mission, the details of which even President Hatfield was unaware of!)  Looks like The American got in over his head on this one!  the very villain that helped him with his secret mission is now wreaking havoc on the city! 
but wait!  it gets worse, True Believers! 
How much worse?????
stay tuned for page two, coming soon!

Characters used:  The Mighty American Deviant U: The Mighty American by bogmonster , Great-Man Devaint Universe: Great-Man by bogmonster, Doctor Shock Deviant Universe: Dr. Shock by bogmonster all mine:  :iconbogmonster:
President Hatfield Deviant Universe-President Hatfield by mja42x belongs to :iconmja42x:
Samantha Grey Samantha Grey - DU Hero by Latroma belongs to :iconlatroma:
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here's some ideas I had kicking around my head for things i'd like to see in the :icondeviantuniverse: None of these have been discussed  or vetted or anything.  it's more  of me thinking out loud and i'd like to see what folks think about them.  think of this as a 'wish list' for challenges i'd like to see in the DU sometime in the future.  even though some may prove to be wildly unpopular.

1.  single image challenge of HEROES IN CIVILIAN CLOTHING.  just a simple challenge for a month where we all need a rest.  the challenge could include up to 4 separate images of your hero in alternate clothes or, if you have that many, 4 separate heroes in everyday (or what passes for it for that character) clothes.  fun.  light.  but still a challenge.  I have a hard time coming up with stuff for Vicky Velocity to wear that isn't a schoolgirl outfit or her fighting togs.

2.  SILENT CHALLENGE.  a comic format story that has absolutely no words, no sound affects, no verbal  communication whatsoever.  this is a challenge to do when you need to convey information only on a visual level.  the challenge could include the idea of incorporating some of the other five senses into it, but that may be a bit much.  some of the most interesting comics I read as a kid (GI Joe most notably) would occasionally have a comic where no words were spoken, but a full story was shown that actually meant something and moved the characters forward.

3.  ELSEWORLDS.  remember these from DC comics?  they took the heroes, villains and everybody and put a different spin on them based on change of setting or genre.  the closest that the DU has come to this is Thunderous Force where TF was set in medieval times.  Most of those characters are no longer part of the DU let alone TF now.  What would you come up with if you could put your DU character in a different setting that didn't follow cannon?  this could be considered an alternate dimension story, heaven knows we have a plethora of alternate dimensions in the DU, or a dream or an 'imaginary story'. 

4.  WHAT IF?  This is sort of like the elseworlds idea in the fact that it's an 'imaginary story'.  the difference is that only ONE thing has changed and you pinpoint that with a WHAT IF.  for instance:  What if the DU heroes LOST maximum destruction?  What if Supervisor Lloyd had won the Freedom War?  What if Deviants were outlawed?  these are not changing the entire genre of the DU like the elseworlds, but asking the question of 'what if things had gone horribly wrong?'  where would that take the story?  what would happen to characters in the DU?  excellent examples of this in mainstream comics are things like age of apocalypse, what if the alien costume had possessed spider-man? and what if silver surfer had not betrayed galactus?  all great questions that have incredible consequences. 

5.  DEVIANT UNIVERSE 2099.  okay, I know.  some of you will hate this one.  but it's an idea I had, anyway.  what will the DU look like at the turn of the next century?  will there be a Vicky Velocity 2099?  will the world even operate like it does now?  will aliens have taken over the planet?  will there be a dire emergency where the heroes of that time need the help of the 'legends' of our present day DU?  there's a lot of possibilities.  we haven't seen anyone from the future travel back in time to our present and do a story like this yet.  it's a thought.

6.  DEVIANT UNIVERSE TWO IN ONE.  very simple idea.  a lot of folks have been talking about the overload of world shattering events going on in the DU.  what if we had a month (or maybe this could even be the winter [January thru march] challenge sometime.  in days of old, when I was but a wee lad, there were comics called 'marvel two in one' and 'marvel team up'.  in 2in 1 the Thing teamed up with a different hero every month.  in 'team up' it was spider-man teaming up with a new hero each month.  these were not throw away stories, either.  they did have an impact on things in the marvel universe.  DU 2in1 would be a 'getting back to basics' collaborative challenge where one creator teams with another creator, picks a villain to fight and has their heroes team up to fight the villain(s).  it requires you to work collaboratively with another creator, it gives you a goal that is not (necessarily) world shattering, it can further your own characters' storylines and (significantly) it isn't a UNIVERSE WIDE event.  

okay, that's my rant for now.  any thoughts?  these are just ideas i'm sharing.  nothing has been proposed as a challenge.  this is just to open a dialog for development of ideas.

what are YOUR ideas for potential challenges YOU'D like to see in the Deviant Universe?  i'm excited to hear anything.  let me know in the comments below!

Love it or Hate it!
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Which Vicky Velocity Variant do YOU most want to see me create as a trading card? 

11 deviants said Swimsuit Vicky (three variants)
4 deviants said Darth Velocity
4 deviants said Photon Elf
3 deviants said Vicky as a little girl (runaway Vicky)
3 deviants said Dark Vicky Velocity (Great-Man themed variant)
2 deviants said Snowbunny Vicky
1 deviant said Schoolgirl Vicky
1 deviant said Party at Abby's Vicky
1 deviant said Turtleneck Vicky
No deviants said Arctic Vicky


Fri Apr 25, 2014, 2:00 PM
thanks for the faves. ^-^
Tue Oct 29, 2013, 8:34 AM
Thanks for the faves! As always!
Tue Jul 3, 2012, 6:17 PM
I gotta say, your character designs are awesome!
Wed Jun 6, 2012, 3:33 PM
Check out his gallery, he has some pretty awesome drawings [link]
Sun Aug 1, 2010, 10:00 AM



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Following from the last comment, Hiro mainly wears blue is when he's taking the background as an assisting team member then a leader, black is for Covert Missions or Night based areas and white is when he's being CO or the Leader.

He rarely go in red or yellow colors except his Badass Crimson Scarf.

He wears various armor's Mid to Lightweight, so you can get creative if you felt like it.

Can use firearms that doesn't restrict his movement or recoils him.

Melee weapons as long they are not larger than himself.

He does use standardized Non Lethal Weapons, but he does have blades hidden inside certian Batons or Tonfas.

He does carry a Service Issue Handgun which is a Subweapon while his primary weapon is his Ninjato Sword.

Anywho, this is the other concepts on how is did through my hands.………………………
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